Apartamentos Maja Benidorm

The island of Benidorm

Islote de Benidorm

Discover the island of Benidorm located off its coast, you can reach it to the boat, the crossing takes 20 minutes.

From the island you can enjoy breathtaking views of Benidorm.

On the island you can walk along a small path and watch the seagulls in their nests.

The islet gulls are used to people and don’t get scared when you pass by.

However the island is always traversed by paths that are delimited. It’s forbidden to get off these trails.

On the island there are no shade trees, only a wide variety of shrubs and thickets, if you intend to visit it we recommend that you wear a cap.

On the other hand from the boat with underwater view you can see numerous fish living around the island of Benidorm.

At lunchtime you can taste the different rices offered by the only restaurant on the island. Relax during the meal while watching Benidorm from the sea.

The island of Benidorm is a protected area of the natural park of the Serra Gela.

The excursion to the island of Benidorm can be done every day of the year.

The boat makes the tour every hour, you can arrive in the morning and come back in the afternoon.

After a relaxing excursion to the island stay at the Maja Apartments, book now.